For years PETA has protested against humans eating meat, and their latest strike has gone to a new level.

In their latest attempt to stop people from eating meat, PETA is calling for all women to not have sex with men who eat meat.

The group hopes that women will join their fight/mission and that men will reconsider what they are consuming on a daily basis.

I initially thought that this was a joke, but then I recently saw an interview with a woman who is part of PETA, and she said that she hopes this puts an end to men eating meat.

It didn't take much research to figure out that men thoroughly enjoy being with women, thus PETA knows that they are using this "attraction" to their overall mission.

Here's a Tweet from the animal rights organization calling for women to stop having sex with men who eat meat.

Here are just a few reactions that I stumbled upon in regard to PETA's latest strike.


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