There must be something going around among members of the British rock aristocracy, because three of its most prominent members have recently been forced to postpone tour dates.

Classic Rock Magazine reports that Fleetwood Mac and Robert Plant had to make last-minute adjustments to their itineraries, with Mac's June 9 stop in Birmingham, England, rescheduled for July 7 and Plant missing tour stops in Toronto (June 7) and Detroit (June 9).

According to the Toronto Star, Plant's Toronto date will now take place Sept. 15, while the Detroit show is now scheduled for Sept. 10.

UPDATE: Plant has also postponed his June 10 show in Chicago. In a Facebook post, he writes, “I’m not used to this. I just want to keep on doing what I set out to do when I first came to America — give 140% every night and be the best I can be at every show. It’s maddening and frustrating to realize I can’t do that right now. But I’ll be back." That show has been moved to Sept. 23.

Fleetwood Mac's postponement was only attributed to "illness" being suffered by an unspecified member of the band, but Plant was more specific, telling fans he woke up June 7 having "more of a similarity with a crooning Kermit than my normal Golden self." Diagnosed with laryngitis and ordered not to sing, he wrote, "I’m really disappointed, as I’ve only missed one gig in 15 years – and now here’s two in a row. It’s heartbreaking. I’m furious, frustrated and silent."

Elton John can understand Plant's frustration — he was also recently felled by a throat infection, which forced him to cancel a planned June 3 appearance in Geneva. According to John's official site, his doctor "enforced a speech and singing ban," and the date won't be rescheduled: "Due to issues with the Elton John touring schedule, there is no more available space to fit in a new Geneva band concert in 2015."

John's since recovered enough to resume his touring duties — and throw a tantrum or two, as he did on June 7, when he reduced a Gloucester security worker to tears after singling her out for being overly strict with audience members. He later attempted to make amends for the uncouth language he used during his outburst, telling the audience, "Whoever told the stewards to be that strict, that's their fault and not hers, and I apologize."

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