Tonight at 9:59 Louisiana time someone could be holding a single ticket worth $348 million in tonight's nationwide Powerball drawing. That's an estimated guess on how much a single ticket would take should all the numbers and the Powerball match the bouncing balls of the selection machine.

Last night a ticket purchased in Alexandria won $10,000 in the Mega Millions game but the big jackpot was not claimed. That means on Friday when the next Mega Millions game is drawn a single ticket could be worth an estimated $290 million.

The big money lottery games have been kind to Louisiana players in recent months. There was a huge Powerball winner in Eunice just a few months ago. In recent weeks a $50,000 Powerball winner was purchased in Lake Charles, Baton Rouge, and New Roads. While a $100,00 winner was purchased in Kinder.

The Mega Millions game has paid well for Louisiana players in recent weeks too. On February the 9th a $30,000 ticket was sold in Lafayette.

Should you be trying your luck with the lottery? Only if you can afford to lose the money you'll be spending. While lottery officials love having you play their games, the encourage responsibility with every purchase.

Still, with almost a quarter of a billion dollars available for the cost of $2 ticket it's pretty easy to get caught up in the lottery fever. Especially when the fever leads you to delusions of new cars, new homes, fabulous vacations, and a very significant visit from the Internal Revenue Service. Sorry, I had to make sure I brought you back before I turned you loose.

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