The Morning Consult group says that President Donald Trump’s approval ratings have dropped some, but only two percent in Louisiana.

U-L-M Political Science professor Dr. Joshua Stockley says the drop from a 59 percent approval in January in Louisiana to 57 percent now is not a big deal.

"If there is an actual slight decline, I would attribute it to an occasional or a small number of moderates who have likely been turned off by the rhetoric of the president", said Stockley.

Stockley says Trump’s failure to establish polices he promised during his campaign could be a reason for the rating decline.

"He has not delivered on repeal and replace, he has not built a wall, he has not created any tax reform.  Most of his goals he ran on have not been accomplished," said Stockley.

Are party members leaving and turning their loyalties somewhere else?  Stockley says probably not.

"Individuals who voted for the President will tend to be a little more loyal over time particualry if they are of the same party", Stokley said.

Morning Consult says Trump’s 57-percent approval rating in Louisiana is the fourth highest in the nation after Wyoming, West Virginia and Alabama.

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