You never know who you may see on the streets of New Orleans.

One young New Orleans drummer got a pretty cool surprise when legendary Roots drummer, Questlove joined him on the corner of Frenchman Street for an impromptu jam session.

Not only did he meet Questo, but also got to meet his friends Black Thought of The Roots and Common.

The artists stumbled upon the young man on Sunday (April 30) during a rainstorm that delayed Jazz Fest from opening.

Soon, a crowd formed with cell phones in hand when they realized what was going on. Black Thought informed the audience:

What we do every day onstage, there's lights, there's lots of other musicians, there's an audience, there's a microphone and mic stands -- layers of the onion we have to kind of hide behind. So for him to come out here, it's the ultimate vulnerability. It's all him. We have to applaud this young man.

But the jam session wasn't the only surprise. According to an update on Common's Facebook page, Questlove left him with more than just a lasting impression.

A few days ago I put a video up of a random kid performing on the streets. Since then, I've got to know his story and more importantly, found out that he's a great person as well as a great student. Today I had Questlove roll up on Darius for an impromptu jam session. And afterwards, Questo gave him a drum set!

Not a bad gig for a street drummer! Keep up the good work, Darius!

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