Country music star RaeLynn is saying that an American Airlines attendant harassed her over the weekend about her service dog, which was traveling with her to a conference on diabetes. The Warner Bros recording artist, and 'Voice' alum, has Type 1 Diabetes and needs the dog to alert her to her sugar levels. She was to be the speaker at a diabetes conference in Maryland and was traveling from North Carolina. She says that an attendant repeatedly harassed her and her 75 lb German Shepard Jazz.

The 23 year old singer said the flight attendant, whom she said was being very disrespectful and loud, accused her dog of not being 'compliant', not being an official service dog, and not actually being trained.

The airline released a statement to Fox News saying 'We’re sorry that RaeLynn had a bad travel experience with us. Our team is working to gather more information and facts, and our customer relations team has reached out to her directly. Piedmont Airlines, which operated flight 4831 from Charlotte, N.C. to Salisbury-Ocean City, Md., on April 9, is also reviewing these allegations.'

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