I guess we all know about Cajun in Your Pocket by now, but I bet you didn't know all these other "Cajun" things were for sale on Amazon.com.

  • Good Vendor via Amazon

    Hair Dye

    Seriously? Cajun Spice hair color? Now if this were perfume, maybe.

  • Amazon.com

    Nail Polish

    Cajun Shrimp nail polish. The color is aptly named, in my opinion. If it smells like Crab Boil, I'm in!

  • NOLA and Neighbors via Amazon


    This one's called "Cajun Queen." Says it's lemon verbena. That actually sounds good. They also make others called "French Bread" and "Praline."

    Ca c'est bon!

  • Hopper Topper viz Amazon

    Cajun Sports Cream

    If it makes you feel like you just ate five pounds of crawfish, all will be right with the world.