Louisiana is trying to thaw out from record breaking cold. Chris Bannon with National Weather Service says 40 year-old records were broken this morning in Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

"Baton Rouge got down to 14-degrees, broke the previous record of 18 set in 1977. Moisant Airport actually down to 20 and that broke the previous record of 23, also set in 1977," Bannon said.

Bannon says we'll see another hard freeze tonight, which is not good for icy roads.

"So are roads that are shaded that do not melt, remain cold with at least water on the ground they are going to refreeze overnight," Bannon said.
The low temperature in Shreveport was 12-degrees. The National Weather Service says Shreveport hasn't seen a temperature that low since 1996. Meteorologist C.S. Ross says Monroe's low temperature tied a record for this date.
"Monroe tied their record low this morning at 12-degrees, also last set for the date, back in 1982."
There's also anywhere between one to three inches of snow in north Louisiana. Ross says that snow will stick around for a couple of days.
"Very little if any melting through today , especially tonight as temperatures drop back into the teens. Warmer on Thursday with temperatures reaching the low to mid 40s."

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