I have been racking my brain trying to figure out just how somebody somewhere made the connection between urinating on the side of a road or at a fork in the road and acquiring a sty in the eye. The two activities seem mutually exclusive if you ask me. There seems to be no connection but yet more than a few folks have heard this during their time on Earth.

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So, what is a sty? Some people and places spell it stye it doesn't really matter because in both cases the word refers to a blocked gland inside the eyelid. I checked out a lot of medical websites and could not find any correlation between the urinary system of the human body and the eyelids.

What I did find out is that there are other crazy ways, besides the real way, you can acquire a sty in your eye. We mentioned the urinating on the roadway. Another tale says that if you watch a dog pooping you will acquire a sty in your eye.

Another such tale suggests that if you want to get rid of a sty you should rub a gold ring on the eye that has the sty. Some people swear it works. They are probably that swear the dog poop watching and roadside peeing cause the darn things.