It's a story we've been following in Lafayette.

The roof of the Cajundome needed a good washing, and that is what it got this week.

Earlier this week we showed you how L.A. Drone Services were washing the roof of the dome, using drones, and now we have a look at the clean roof.


Not only does the roof look new, but it also appears to have its missing shine back.

This all comes as the Cajundome is set to host a number of events in the near future, plus Cajun fans will soon be returning to Cajun Field for the upcoming 2022-23 football season.

Thus, the roof will no longer be an eyesore for many visiting in the very near future.

While the end product is amazing, I still don't know if it supersedes how it was all pulled off.

The next time you drive by the Cajundome, take a look at the roof, you'll be impressed.


Here's another amazing shot of the roof as LA Drone Services were completing this huge job.

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