Turkish chef Nusret Gokce was pretty popular on Instagram, but now his stock is rising after he continues to go viral as the first meme of 2017.

Gokce owns a chain of six steakhouses in Turkey, and his knife skills are pretty popular online. One clip in particular (seen above) has people thoroughly impressed, and in some cases swooning over the sexy chef.

Is it his debonair looks? Is it the way he handles meat like the subject of a romance novel?


Or is it the elegant sass in his salt hand?

Seriously, this man sprinkles salt with an unwavering swagger that is simply unprecedented in the seasoning world. His sprinkle is so on point, people have turned it into a meme to describe any situation that is just simply too "extra."

Twitter and IG are having a field day.

The #SaltBae meme even managed to make an appearance after Clemson's last second win against Alabama in the NCAA National Championship game.

Naturally, the folks over at Buzzfeed have a list of amazing #SaltBae content, so head over and check that out here.

Most importantly, don't hesitate to channel your inner #SaltBae today, and every day.

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