Scientists believe that the key to discovering extraterrestrial life could lie deep in the festering, underground oceans of Jupiter’s ice-covered moon Europa. New research suggests that if the salt water ocean beneath the surface of the frigid moon ever makes it's way to the surface, creating an intergalactic petri dish capable of producing a life-promoting environment.

Astronomers at the California Institute of Technology in association with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory say that the chemistry that transpires between the ocean and the surface of Europa makes it possible for energy to find its way into the ocean and therefore, could manifest a series of environmental variables that could stimulate life.

Interestingly, scientists say that the likelihood of finding life on Europa is greater than average, because the waters are nearly identical to that of the oceans of Earth. “If we've learned anything about life on Earth it's that where there's liquid water, there's generally life," said one of the team’s astronomers. “And of course our ocean is a nice, salty ocean. Perhaps Europa's salty ocean is also a wonderful place for life.”

Are we the only ones that feel as though science is on the brink of unleashing some chaotic varmint into the universe which will gutter-grind the entire population on all-fours before tearing us all limb-from-limb with disease and famine. Just us? Ok, then.

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