If you have ever been inconvenienced by one of those annoying phone calls that offer a "free cruise," here's your chance to get payback—literally.

If you received a "free cruise" call between 2009 and 2014 you may be eligible for a payout as a result of a class action lawsuit against Resort Marketing Group. According to WBRZ,

The suit claims RMG broke the law when it robocalled consumers without permission of cruise lines.

If you are eligible to receive money you could receive up to $900.

Click HERE to check your eligibility now at www.rmgtcpasettlement.com/Home.aspx and click HERE to search your phone number in order to see if you are owed any money as a result of the settlement.

My number was on the list—and while I'm not sure how much of the $900 maximum I'll get, any amount is better than nothing for being bothered by these aggravating robocalls.

Be sure to share this with friends who may be owed money as well and let me know if your number is on the list, too!

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