Happy 2018! It's a great time to get a fresh start, and fastcompany.com has some suggestions about what to ditch for a healthier, happier new year. Bad habits, be gone!

  • Striving for the wrong things - instead of focusing on being successful and making more money, how about trying to just be a better at what you do.
  • Saying 'yes' to everything - you can pick and choose those things that will help you reach your goals, but not everything falls into that category. Just say no!
  • Ignoring signs your body is giving you - as busy as you are, this can be very dangerous. Putting health issues off till later on is never a good idea.
  • Being on auto pilot - being productive does not necessarily mean powering through every single event or work day. Breaks and down time are essential to your well being.
  • Knowing that 'emotional intelligence' isn't the same thing as being nice - being a doormat is when you tolerate bad behavior from others. You can manage your own emotions and still hold those around you accountable, and you don't have to just 'take it'.
  • Letting life's challenges derail your goals - everyone hits a bump or two in the road, but you can't let that undermine your intentions of success. Being brave in the face of adversity is a part of life.
  • Being fearful of pursuing your dreams - this holds so many people back. You can either let fear or love rule you. Let it be love, and follow your dreams in 2018!

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