I was around in the days before 911 became the standard number to call before emergency assistance. In those days we'd spin the rotary dial on our phone with our finger in the operator hole. Then we'd hope that the voice on the other end would be able to connect us to the emergency services we needed.

The adoption of the 911 system nationwide has saved countless thousands of lives but with the explosion of mobile phones and devices over the past few years even that great system needed an upgrade. That upgrade is called Smart 9-1-1. It's an amazing system that allows you to deliver important emergency information about yourself or your family without ever having to say a word.

Your Smart 9-1-1 profile allows your phone to speak on your behalf. The profile instantly uses GPS, BlueTooth, and other location services to give first responders a more precise idea of your location. Your profile can also include important contact or medical information such as allergies or known health conditions.

The system can even let first responders know about pets in the yard, gate codes, and alarm codes too.  All of this saves precious seconds in situations where seconds save lives.

The process of creating a Smart 9-1-1 profile is fast and simple. It only takes a minute or two. So, I suggest you spend that minute or two now in hopes that you'll never have a need to use the program. However, if you do, you can rest assured that help, armed with better knowledge about your personal situation, will be on the way even faster than ever before.


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