I remember a comic strip by Gary Larson, the guy who drew The Far Side, about hopeful parents finding out that their child could have a great job by "finding the princess".  It was a joke back when it was first published but based on an idea from the Manship School at LSU online gaming might solve Louisiana's budget crisis.

The school has developed an online game, for lack of a better word, that allows citizens to input their ideas on what to cut and where to raise taxes and make other choices that could get our state out of the red.

It could just be an online gimmick or maybe it's clandestine research by the Manship School to see what Louisiana residents value the most. The game might also indicate where residents are most receptive to higher taxes.

If you look at the game, you can play right here, you will see it also puts many of our state's budgetary issues in "real people speak". I doubt any of us would have a shrimp's chance in Delcambre of understanding the tax codes and budget items if we had to sift through all the legalese and gobbledygook our government documents are known for.

When I played I solved the budget crisis by eliminating the State Legislature, the Governor's office, the Attorney General, and the Department of Revenue. In "My Louisiana" all decisions are based on a coin flip and whether or not a nutria sees his shadow. By the way, if I ever run for office, don't vote for me, I am a dangerous man when given responsibility.

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