Louisiana's Treasurer John Schroder is launching a new program called Louisiana Cash Claim for the Unclaimed Property Division in order to return hundreds of millions of dollars worth of cash and property to Louisianians.

The officials start of the Louisiana Cash Claim program is February 1, but anyone can look for unclaimed property, free of charge, at any time by going to the Louisiana Treasurer's website.

What is Unclaimed Property?

Unclaimed property can come in many forms. If you moved, for example, and you didn't leave a forwarding address, the security deposit you didn't get back can be turned over to the state for them to find you and return it. Another example could be a final paycheck from an employer who is unable to find you.

There are multiple examples of unclaimed property, and while most of the claims are worth $100 or less, some people over the years have recovered tens of thousands of dollars worth of money and property.

Here is a list of the types of cash/property that is sitting in the state's bank account for unclaimed property:

  • Payroll checks
  • Account payable checks
  • Refund checks
  • Cashier's checks
  • Insurance proceeds
  • Securities
  • Oil royalties
  • Money orders
  • Accounts receivable credit balances
  • Utility deposits
  • Bank accounts
  • Travelers' checks
  • Safe-deposit box contents

One of the most important things you should know is that the state's program is free. You do not have to pay any kind of fee to search the state's website for unclaimed property, and you do not have to pay to recover your money either.

I often check the website to see if I have unclaimed property. Only one time did I have unclaimed property, and while it wasn't a fortune, it was $23 that was mine. It was an easy process to claim it, and within about seven to ten days, I received a check in the mail from the Louisiana Treasurer's Office which I was able to cash at my own bank.

If you don't want to look for unclaimed property via the website, you can also call toll free at 888-925-4127 for help during normal business hours.

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