Hero Hunts is a local organization, based in Maurice, La. Their mission is to reintroduce local veterans to the outdoor life they enjoyed before being injured while serving our country.

Founder Troy Coleman says, " United States veterans are vastly important to our country. They have fought, shed blood, and even given their lives to defend our way of life. Without these amazing heroes, Americans would not be able to sleep in peace at night."

He assembled a group of like minded people who wanted to give back to these unique individuals. I've had the pleasure of meeting some of these folks. They have a unique spirit, and sense of humor. A couple of 'em spin a pretty good yarn. Hero hunts has provided equipment to get theses men back into the outdoors, like modified wheelchairs, specially equipped boats and more. This stuff costs a lot of money. The Super Chevrolet Dealers have donated a 2015. Chevy Silverado to be raffled off. Aa $50.00 donation supports the cause, and buys you a chance to win a great set of wheels! Click here for details.