Would you get out of your car if you rolled up on this?

Facebook user Sandy Hickman shared a video of mayflies swarming a gas station in Slidell and it looks like something straight out of a horror movie. The swarm of insects was reportedly captured on video just off Military Rd. and the only way to describe it accurately is "nightmare fuel."

Mayfly swarms are insane but very shortlived. According to Entomologytoday.com

millions and millions of the fluttering insects rise up from the lake and into the air in thick clouds and then land on anything and everything from houses, stores, and cars to arms, legs, hair, and faces. Within a matter of days, the brief en masse mating free-for-all is over for the insects, and other than the deep piles of their carcasses on sidewalks, lawns, and roads, the onslaught is but a memory.

Could you imagine your gas tank being on E and this is your only option for fuel in the middle of the night?

UPDATE: Another video seems to show the same gas station. Unreal.

No thanks. I'll just sleep in my car.

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