To celebrate World Emoji Day yesterday Apple released a preview of the new emojis coming later this year.

From mystical creatures to chopsticks, this new crop of emojis has you covered. Seriously, now that a curling stone is in the mix is there really any emoji missing?

There's a can of tomatoes emoji for crying out loud! How many times have you sent a text and thought to yourself "You know what would make this even better? An emoji of canned tomatoes." Yeah, never.

I mean, yes, I am unbelievably pumped about the dinosaur emojis and I definitely need that chopstick emoji every time I eat sushi, but is a broccoli emoji really necessary? Who's posting to social media about eating broccoli?

There's no word yet on when the 69 new emojis will be released, but until then I have no problem filling my texts with pizza slices and the face with a line of the mouth.

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