A lot of people know about the 'Target Cat' who roams the parking lot near the Upper Lafayette location of Target, but recently someone showed some extra warm love.

The kitty is a regular sight for patrons who frequent the Upper Lafayette Target location on Louisiana avenue, but tonight there was something different. People are known to give the cat treats and water, but someone went above and beyond to make sure the 'Target Cat' would stay warm during the upcoming cold season.

Covered by a blanket, the cardboard house has a cutout that is the perfect size for the cat to get in and out of the makeshift shelter.

There are many storefronts and restaurants where animals like cats, dogs etc.—but this is the first time we've seen someone go to this length to make them feel at home.

Whoever made this little home for the 'Target Cat' deserves to be recognized, so share this story and hopefully we can track down the good samaritan who took the time out of their life to make sure the 'Target Cat' would be warm, cozy and comfortable.

Are you familiar with the Upper Lafayette 'Target Cat?' If so, let us now!

UPDATE: So many of you commented with photos and stories about the Upper Lafayette 'Target Cat.' Affectionately known as "Tar-Jhey" to some customers and "Patches" by the Target employees, it's safe to say we have a little local celebrity on our hands.


From what we've heard, the cardboard house has been taken down but "Patches" is well taken care of, so we know she will find shelter. Keep up with the conversation and updates here.

Facebook, Erin Porche