A shopper at a suburban Dallas Target Store has created quite a buzz this Father's Day. The buzz is about Father's Day cards and just how dear old Dad is depicted. Here's a picture of the card that's caused all the controversy.

Takeisha Saunders told CNN that she was just looking for a Father's Day card at her local Target store when she came across this card that seemed more than a tad insensitive.

Saunders, who is African American, was searching for a card that depicted a black couple and had the word "husband" on the front. You can imagine her dismay when the only card depicting an African American couple featured the words "Baby Daddy".

"Baby Daddy" isn't the most complimentary way to describe the act of being a father. In fact, it's about as close to the opposite of being a father as you can be. The term is often used to describe a man whose contribution to the family was more of a sperm donor than an active participant in the lives of his children.

Saunders brought the card and her concerns to the attention of Target. After hearing her issues the store issued an apology and immediately pulled the card from the shelves of its stores.

The publisher of the card, American Greetings, issued this statement via Twitter.




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