In the last two decades, more than seven hundred children have died after being left in cars. It's a horrifying statistic

It's shocking to think about that statistic, but it can happen easily, to anyone. Most people may think that they would never forget their child in their car, but life sometimes gets in the way. So many distractions these days can make us forget about the most important thing to us. Between work, home, other children, finances, general stress, our worlds can become so complicated. Our minds can also become very crowded.

On Monday, June 14, a child was left in a car in Iberia Parish, and that child died. As noted by experts across the state, the numbers show that, unfortunately, changes in routine, are one example when parents or a caregiver can become preoccupied and forget about the child in the back seat.

Attorney General Jeff Landry had this to say in a press release,

Louisiana is one of the top states in the nation to suffer hot car deaths so, as we lift up in prayer our morning New Iberia neighbors, let us also take steps necessary to help prevent these fatalities in the future.

Whether it's the summer months, or not, temperatures can rise quickly inside of a vehicle, even on a cloudy day. Stanford did a study on how quickly temperatures rise in a car. The journal Pediatrics shows the results of their study about how quickly temperatures shoot up. They show that even within half an hour, the temperature inside of a car can rise up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. That's just one of their findings, and that's why it's imperative that we all learn how to prevent such tragedies. Please, don't just pass this up, but make sure you take this information to heart.

Safety Tips for Kids & Car To Help Prevent Tragedy

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