The threat of winter weather across South Louisiana has meant a change in schedule for state offices and many schools across the state. While most school closure announcements are pretty mundane. You know, simply the facts, this one particular announcement from Jesus The Good Shepherd School in Monroe has been fancied by more than a few across social media.

The stars of the lighthearted video appear to be the school's principal,  Lisa Patrick, and front office workers Aimee Anthony and Sue Blackford. They don their best cold weather gear and bust up on a rhyme that would make Vanilla Ice blush or at least turn red with embarrassment.

While the video itself might not be a cinematic or music video masterpiece it is very creative and clever. These educators not only present the important school closure information in a fun way, they remind students that while it might be a day out of the classroom it shouldn't be a day away from reading and studying too.

Nice job ladies, you brought a lot of sunshine into a cold a dreary day. I can only imagine how much fun it must be to go to your school and learn in an environment where creativity and fun are a key component of the curriculum.

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