When I think back on my childhood, I think of all the fun I had playing outside with kids in my neighborhood. I often wonder if kids today even know how to have fun without an electronic device glued to them.

I feel like parents saying..."I remember when", but honestly, all we wanted to do as kids was play outside and play with our friends. In the summertime when we were young, and it may sound cliche now, we didn't come home until the street lights came on.

And the other big thing I remember about being a kid before technology really took hold of all of us? We always had something to do. If we didn't play a game that everyone knew then we would make up a new one. It makes me wonder if kids today are as imaginative as we were. To have fun most of the time, you got creative.

All the fun games we played as children, things like kick the can, do kids even know how to play games like that anymore? And would they even find a game like that stimulating enough considering we have to compete with technology even to get our kids' attention?

One study suggests there are several factors as to why kids don't really play outside anymore, and one of them is the environment. If your kids aren't in a neighborhood with a bunch of other kids, then it does inhibit their ability to hang out in a group setting.

The heat for kids in our state is another reason, and living in the world of our phones seems to distract everyone for hours on end. But why not put the phone down? Maybe even challenge your kids to see if they can put their phones away even for half of a day. They might be pleasantly surprised by how much fun they really have.

Technology-Free Entertainment for Acadiana Kids

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