This guy's speeding story was epic enough to get strangers to pay for his ticket.

An Ohio teen by the name of Logan Wright set up a GoFundMe page describing the day he got busted by a highway patrolman for speeding. He explained that he was asking for $500 to pay for the "dumb" ticket he received.

Hang on to your hats, because this is quite the story.

So on today on Memorial day I was driving to work in my Honda Civic at 9:40 trying to get there by 10:00 because I'd enjoy not getting fired. As I was driving there some dumbass Mustang passed me going around 80 flipping me off. I wasn't gonna be a pussy and lose to a Mustang on freedom day so I kissed my USA lanyard and my picture of Stone Cold Steve Austin, the best damn wrestler to ever live and started buring the bald eagle piss. I pass the Mustang and turned up my Van Halen CD. As I was slowing down to tell the Mustang to eat shit a State Highway Patrolmen pulls out and gets my dumbass. Now I back the blue and my country through and through so I wasn't mad at him for pulling me over but the Mustang that thought he had big enough nuts to dust me. So the Patrolmen comes to my window and says"What do you have in this thing?" and I said "bald eagle piss and freedom sir" then he replied with "You know how fast you two were goin?" and me being the smartass I am said "Well I was slowing down to give both of you a chance." He didn't like that too well. Moral of the story is I got a ticket. But I did dust the Mustang so it was worth. The money donated is going towards the ticket because I spent all my paycheck on race car parts. Any extra money, if I'm that lucky, will go towards AC/DC CD's. Have a blessed day America!

As wild as that story seems, somehow Wright managed to raise more than four times the amount he requested.

Not all people are happy when they see GoFundMe used for things like this, and of course all the donations to the teen's cause didn't come without any haters. Wright addressed them in an update on his GoFundMe post.

Thank you all so much for donating and the positive feedback. I'd just like to address the upset majority. I made this as a humorous way of telling my experience and never once shared it on any of my social media pages to keep it from catching this much heat. I had family and friends share and donate because they thought it was funny. I will be donating the extra money to Wounded Warriors and Soldiers Angels. I never once begged for money. I do have a job. I'm keeping it open and saying this so people know that the extra money that's donated is going to help our military. Thank you

How high will his total get? We'll check back in at the end of his campaign.

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