Waffle House employee 18-year old Evoni Williams noticed an elderly man having trouble eating his breakfast. So, she kindly cut the food up for him so he could enjoy his meal. As result of her kindness and goodwill, Williams got the surprise of lifetime.

78-year-old Adrien Charpentier was on oxygen and was pretty weak. Because of this, his hands has lost strength and he was struggling to cut up his food. That's when Williams started cutting up his food for him so he could eat.

Laura Wolf happened to be at another table in the Texas Waffle House. She snapped a picture of the young lady's kindness and posted it to Facebook. It quickly went viral.

Williams was working at Waffle House to save money for College. Karma came knocking after people found out about her good deed, and Texas Southern University offered Williams a $16,000 scholarship!

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