How many times have you gone into 7-Eleven or Buc-ee's and looked at the Slurpee or Icee machine, and thought, "You know what, that needs some booze?" I know there has been plenty of times I've bought one for the kids around Killeen-Temple, Texas and the leftovers ended up being a daiquiri.

If you indeed have ever had thoughts similar to remixing a frozen drink into an adult beverage, then you should not be surprised to learn that the frozen margarita was invented in Texas as basically an adult Slurpee. By the way, 7-Eleven was created in Texas too.

Very few things on Earth are more enjoyable on a hot Texas day than to make a Slurpee run. If you're with age appropriate friends, and want something to really provide an extra hit, then a frozen margarita is difficult to beat.

How did the Slurpee create the frozen margarita?

Well, side by side, it requires no imagination to see the similarities between a Slurpee and a frozen margarita. The secret ingredient was adding tequila. Will admit, there have been more than a few times where I have at least looked into tequila as being the answer to my problem.

Now, imagine going from a brain freeze to The Smithsonian. That is what happened for a high school dropout in Dallas.

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For Mariano Martinez it was tequila and a soft serve ice cream machine. As the owner of a Mexican eatery, he was trying to find a way to make a consistent margarita when a flash of genius occurred while getting coffee inside a Dallas area 7-Eleven. Thanks to his friend, Frank Adams, Texas and American history was made.

Cinco de Mayo is celebrated every year, and often with margaritas. 6 days later is the birthday for the frozen margarita, first poured May 11, 1971.

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