If you have ever been to Texas, you know that most people who live near an H-E-B store are more than loyal to the store. Now the family-run company, which bares the initials of its founder Howard E. Butt, is repaying an area that has been key in its success.

A convoy was lined up on the interstate in the area of Goliad, TX, ready to bring food and relief to the Corpus Christi Area.

The video has since gone viral. This is how you run a business. No wonder why Texans who end up all over the place love trips home to shop at your stores. I've gotten to meet a lot of the "powers that be" at H-E-B over the years with my Dad whose company works closely with the store chain. When I tell you this does not surprise me one bit, I'm completely serious. You want to talk about running a massive chain of grocery stores with the heart of a family-run business? H-E-B has proved over and over again they are up to the challenge.

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