If you have been vowing to take better care of yourself, then here are some things your doctors wants you to stop doing. Now. According to Readers Digest, and MSN, your doctor would love it if you could stop doing these things, because it would vastly improve your health.

  • Don't hold it in - if you need to urinate, just do it! Holding it in can put you at risk for bladder, kidney and prostrate infections
  • Chewing gum all the time - yes, your breath might be fresh, but you're putting s lot of pressure on your jaw, and that can cause problems like arthritis.
  • Biting your nails - can cause infection, and damage to the actual nail
  • Brushing and flossing - worse than you think, if you skip these constantly. Don't run the risk of dental decay by not practicing good oral hygiene
  • Staring at a computer all day - if you are in front of a computer screen for at least seven hours a day, then you could experience eye strain and even retinal damage
  • Sitting for too long - a sedentary lifestyle can result in weight gain, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Get up and move, y'all!
  • Slouching - huge negative aspect to your health. Can cause a strain on your neck, which could lead to tension headaches, among other things
  • Carrying a heavy backpack - disturbs the angle of your neck, and can cause pressure on nerves
  • Wearing the wrong shoes - the health of your feet, knees, hips and back depends on what kind of shoes you wear
  • Not applying sunscreen everywhere - and we mean everywhere. And don't forget to re apply every time you get out of the water
  • Not having a consistent sleep schedule - erratic sleep patterns can cause myriad problems to your health

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