It's happened. I can finally say life has come full circle and I am my own dad in many ways. Yes, there have been things here and there that stop me in my tracks and make me say "really, Dad?!"

Stay with me, but just this weekend I have explained to my kids why sunscreen is important. Why we're getting out of the pool due to nearby lightning and other kids got to stay (bad parenting on full display at the beach this weekend). All those not so fun conversations.

But this one hit me like a ton of bricks. As soon as my eyes opened (with t-minus 3 hours to be completely moved out of the beachfront condo) all I could think about was packing the car. I was among the first guests to claim a cart and start strategically loading bags, leftover groceries, beach toys, etc. I told my family I would handle the packing. I was going to fit everything we brought and more back into the SUV that brought us here.

That's when it hit me. I know exactly why my dad used to be the packing Nazi on family vacations. It was to get 20 minutes of total peace and quiet to work his magic and for everything back in the car with ninja-like precision.

I am him now. I'm a Dad.

Love you wife and kids. But, It's okay that I need to come up from air from time to time. Now leave me to my game of luggage Tetris.

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