I recently took Mason, my 7-year-old son, to the Lafayette Regional Airport to welcome home a few U.S. Veterans and it was the best thing we've done together in a long time.

Let me give you a quick background here, Mason LOVES studying about World War II. To the point, he has become obsessed with learning about the war and its strategies.

Every day I hear about the war and how it was fought. And yes, he has dates and battles memorized from World War II. After all, all that this kid has done for the last few months is read about the war and watch tutorials on it.

With all of that said, those who fought in World War II are now Mason's true heroes. Look, some kids idolize cartoon characters, WWE Superstars, or athletes, but for Mason, he admires those who fought in World War II---They are his heroes.

Well, a group of U.S. Veterans who fought in World War II recently returned to Acadiana from their trip to Washington D.C. When I heard KATC-TV 3 ask for citizens to show up at the airport this week to welcome the veterans home I knew I had to take Mason.

So, we showed up Wednesday at the Lafayette airport when the veterans arrived and Mason was so nervous. Keep in mind, he admires these men. While he was able to shake the hands of these men as they returned all that he could say was, "Thank You."

This was the single best moment we shared as a father and son. Seeing a 7-year-old meet the men who fought for his freedom was everything. I hope its a moment he never forgets and I would encourage all parents to find what their kid loves and introduce them to it.

I'll end it with this, while we were walking out of the airport Mason told me this, " It's because of those brave men that we live in the land of opportunity." I had no comeback. He is right.

Not every day can we meet our heroes, but on May 30, 2018 Mason Reed met his heroes. 

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