Just about every day I drive by trains with cars plastered in graffiti. I know, I know, it's morally reprehensible, but I must admit I like the aesthetic. There are also a few names that I see painted on various things around Lafayette. Some of them are uninspired, but the well thought out ones look really cool. Let me also say that I do not condone defacing someone else's property; it's only fun when you have permission. With that being said, I want to introduce you to the wonderful street art present in New Orleans.

I know that any resident of Louisiana has been to New Orleans several times. I like going, too, but I've never seen some of the graffiti that I discovered today.

Let's start by talking about the NOLA Mural Project. It's a movement to match artists with property owners who are willing to have their walls used as a canvas. The problem is that many of these projects are done without a permit from the city. Otherwise, they are beautiful representations of the stories that the artists want to tell about their experiences with the city and its people.

Outside of the NOLA Mural Project, there are many artists who love to share their ideas with the world in paint form. I found a few small galleries here and here. I've got a few favorites, but I loved this picture. It's unique from the others, obviously because it doesn't use any paint but is made of yarn instead.

I'm all for the creation of unique street art. I think it really livens up an area when done correctly and tastefully.

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