People often reminisce about their childhood, but there are certain things that can spark up a specific Louisiana nostalgia.

Earlier this week, I was ribbed for telling a few colleagues that I loved to swim. Not competitively, or anything like that—but stupid childlike swimming. I'm talking holding my breath underwater, swimming as long as I can without coming up for air, handstands on the bottom of the pool type swimming.

Certain things take you back to being a kid, and if you're from Louisiana this SPECIFIC list of things are sure to make you want to be a kid again.

The Great Boudini & The FOX Kids Club

Any kid who watched cartoons after school remembers The FOX Kids Club, Anyone who remembers The FOX Kid's Club remembers The Great Boudini. He's still around, and still doing this thing. Definitely a nostalgic figure to anyone who grew up in South Louisiana.

Running Through Cane Fields

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I can remember visiting my great-grandmother's home in New Iberia and running through the sugarcane fields until we would run out of the other side. Of course, I was a lot shorter back then and my arms healed faster when the cane would cut into them.

The Small Incline In the Northgate Mall

First of all, any time I walk into either one of the Lafayette malls, I'm instantly taken back to my teenage years of hanging out (and I'll touch on more of that later) but one specific detail about the Northgate Mall that will always stick out is that small ramp that you would walk up near KB Toys. Do you remember that ramp, too?

The Kart Ranch

"Racing round, and round the track." You know the jingle and no matter how old you get, the Kart Ranch off the Youngsville Hwy will always take you back to your childhood. Every birthday party or summer fun day was always a little more fun at the Kart Ranch. Check out this super fun throwback video of Hot 1079 afternoon guy Dave Steel having a blast.

Getting A Sno-Ball

Cajun Sno
Cajun Sno

Don't get me wrong, you don't need to be a kid to get a sno-ball, but if you're an adult there is something about enjoying the delicious frozen treat that takes you back to being a child. Maybe it's the fact that you're shamelessly indulging in a ton of sugar with no remorse. Maybe it's the fact that your tongue turns whatever color your sno-ball happens to be. Either way, they're delicious and amazing.

Aladdin's Castle & Arcades In Restaurants

Arcades were a huge deal when we were kids. As a matter of fact, do you remember how many restaurants had arcade games to play while you waited for your food? It definitely made the time past faster and it was always cool to play your favorite games. Now, we can play these games on our phones. Boooooo.

Pizza Hut Book-It

This one was a personal favorite of mine. Even though the program was nationwide, it was definitely popular here in South Louisiana. The way the program worked was you had to read from a selected list of books at your school library. When you were done with each book you could take a respective automated test in the library and if you passed, you got a Book-It coupon for a free personal pizza. Most of the tests could be passed using common sense and context clues. Definitely enjoyed those free pizzas.

The Acadiana Mall Puppet Show

This one may be the most unique to Lafayette. Any nostalgic Lafayette post is sure to mention the ever popular "puppet show" that used to be located in the center of the Acadiana Mall. It was usually a barren stage, but every now and again if you were lucky you could stumble upon a live show and it was always worth the wait.

Walking Barefoot In The Yard

Hottest Day Of The Year So Far
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Something so simple can bring you back. Especially during the parts of the year where it isn't too hot or too cold to be outside, kicking off your shoes to enjoy the outdoors is always a pleasure. For me, it takes me back to a time when we didn't need shoes to have a good time. Don't hesitate to kick off your shoes every now and again.

I'm curious to hear what brings you back to YOUR Louisiana childhood, so share in the comments and bring us back!

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