Two Buck Chuck, whole grain crisp bread, cookie butter, and more Trader Joe's goodness at this perfect location in Lafayette.

Everyone has a list of favorite restaurants or businesses they'd like to see come to Lafayette, and it's a safe bet Trader Joe's is on all of those lists. In fact, Trader Joe's holds the current #1 spot on Developing Lafayette's Wish List.

This post would go on forever if I got into all the goodness Trader Joe's offers, so I'll just skip that and get to what I think is the perfect location for a Trader Joe's in Lafayette: the old Winn-Dixie by Women's & Children's across from Ambassador Town Center.

I don't remember when that WD closed, but it wasn't around long and the building has gone unoccupied for at least a decade and a half by now. The entire shopping center has been renovated, including a new parking lot that isn't as treacherous as the old one. That parking lot is one of the reasons I think the old WD would be the perfect home for a Trader Joe's. The other reasons include the location (across from Costco/Ambassador Town Center), the numerous entries to the shopping center from Kaliste Saloom and Ambassador, and the boost to other businesses in the shopping center.

Do you agree with me or have a better spot for a Trader Joe's? Let me know on our KTDY Facebook page!

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