Tim Tebow's return to the NFL was short lived.

Tebow had not played in an NFL regular season game in a decade.

His former college coach at Florida, Urban Meyer, brought Tebow into camp to compete for a backup tight end spot on the roster, despite the fact Tebow had never played tight end and hadn't played a meaningful snap of football in 10 years, and had not been on a preseason roster since 2015.

At 34, his attempted comeback falling short is no surprise, but it definitely has social media buzzing.

It's hard to find an athlete in recent memory who generates the kind of reaction Tebow does.

Tebow spent time in the New York Mets minor league system over the last several years, but retired from baseball shortly before joining Jacksonville in training camp.

What's next for Tebow?

Tebow's performance last weekend was the most analyzed ever for a sixth-string tight end in a preseason opener. And of course, full of jokes on social media.

Jokes aside, Tebow has always displayed great integrity.

The idea of trying to accomplish a dream and coming up short isn't a failure. The failure is someone who never gets off the couch and chases their dream.

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