'Tis the season to be giving, according to the internet.

The latest internet challenge doesn't involve lighting yourself on fire or eating anything that you would normally use to remove stains from your clothing. As a matter of fact, it involves giving.

The #TipTheBillChallenge has diners leaving 100% tips for their server and posting the ticket to their IG or Twitter. There are numerous photos of you follow the hashtag, mainly showing tabs between $20-$60 with 100% gratuity tacked on.

This is a pretty amazing thing to do for restaurant workers that put in that extra work to make your experience a great one. I actually found out about this by accident when I put the total bill in the tip section. My wife asked if I was doing the #TipTheBillChallenge when I realized my mistake.

I think I may participate in the #TipTheBillChallenge but not on the steak dinner we enjoyed over the weekend. Have you ever tipped the bill at a bar or restaurant? If not, here's your chance!

Just think about how happy your server will be.

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