Tom Segura's comments on Louisiana has caused quite the stir.

The comedian was on Conan last night and the late-night host addressed the controversy surrounding his joke that suggested we "build a wall" around Louisiana to shut out the "inbred" Cajun people who live there.

(In case this is foreign to you, just catch up with everything here.)

This opinion stems from an encounter that Segura had while doing a show at JP's back in 2017—and although Louisianians have been torn with their response to his joke, it's very important to understand that his comments were just that.

A joke.

Segura also appeared in another bit on Conan wearing an LSU sweatshirt which is a clear indicator that his Louisiana troll level is on Level 100.

If you're interested in giving Segura a piece of your mind, you can check him out in New Orleans on September 29 at the Civic Theatre.

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