Who are the top 5 punters in the history of the New Orleans Saints?

Yesterday, we unveiled the five best quarterbacks in franchise history.

Today, we move on to special teams.

1)---THOMAS MORSTEAD---A 2009 5th round draft choice out of SMU by the Saints, Morstead has spent the last 8 seasons with the Saints, serving as the punter, and kickoff specialist. This one isn't hard. Morstead, who was on the Saints' 2009 Super Bowl team, was a Pro Bowl selection in 2013, and holds the franchise record with a yards-per-punt average of 47.0, for punters that have spent at least 10 games with the team.

2)---TOMMY BARNHARDT---Longevity means something, so he gets to #2 spot on my list. Barnhardt punted 13 years (1987-1999) for the Saints, averaging 42.5 yards-per-punt, which ranks 5th, in terms of guys who punted at least 10 games.

3)---MITCH BERGER---He punted for the Saints for three years (2003-2005), which is kind of my minimum requirement. He finished his stint averaging 43.7 yards-per-punt, which ranks third in franchise history. Berger was a 2004 Pro Bowl selection with the Saints.

4)---STEVE WEATHERFORD---Another guy who punted for the Saints for three years (2006-2008), averaging 43.5 yards-per-punt, which ranks 4th.

5)---BRIAN HANSEN---He kicked five years for the Saints (1984-1988), averaging 42.0 yards-per-punt, which ranks 9th, but 6th for guys that punted in at least 30 games. He was a 1984 Pro Bowl selection.

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