UPDATE: (1/17/22 11:05 a.m.)

Officials with the Lafayette Police Department say that their Internal Affairs Division is investigating as one officer did fire a shot at the upcoming driver last night. A police department spokesperson says the officer did so in an attempt to get the driver to stop as the driver was headed right for officers.

Spokeswoman Sergeant Robin Green says no one was injured, and the driver's vehicle was not struck.

ORIGINAL STORY: (1/17/22 8:20 a.m.)

Lafayette Police officers were already working the scene of a fatal hit and run crash at the intersection of Ambassador Caffery and Guilbeau Road when officers say a woman came barreling through the barricades as they were investigating the pedestrian's death.

According to Lafayette Police Department Spokeswoman Sergeant Robin Green, police were working the crime scene when they say 29-year-old Dominique Mills of Carencro didn't seem to care about the barricades. The woman drove through the area that was barricaded while speeding.

To add insult to injury, Mills was speeding, and she was headed straight for officers at the scene. Several of the officers had to leap out of the way to avoid becoming victims.

Green says officers then were able to get Mills to stop. The woman was arrested at the scene, and then the woman was booked into the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center on the following charges:

  • Two Counts of Attempted Murder of a Police Officer
  • OWI-Second Offense
  • Reckless Operation of a Motor Vehicle

Everyone is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Statistics show just how deadly impaired driving is. According to officials from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, one-third of crashes that involve fatalities are directly related to alcohol consumption. These people had a blood alcohol level of .08 or above. If you plan to drink then plan to have a safe ride home.

A reminder that it is against the law in Louisiana to go around barricades.

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