I was reading the Twitter feed from Dr Phillip Klotzbach yesterday. Dr K is one of the great weather minds that fuels the Tropical Meteorology Project at Colorado State University. He is one of the most noted Hurricane experts on the planet. Here's what Dr K had to say about the unusually quiet August that the Tropical Atlantic has experienced in 2018.

I hope Dr Klotzbach's words aren't an ominous foreboding of a September and October we'd like to forget While it has been duly noted that August has been quiet it looks as if September will begin with a tropical cyclone in the Atlantic.

Currently forecasters with the National Hurricane Center are giving a tropical wave that is just about to move off the coast of Africa and over the warm waters of the ocean a 60% probability of strengthening by Saturday and an 80% chance of becoming a tropical cyclone by the time we return to work after the Labor Day holiday.

Should the system earn a name it would be the sixth named storm of the 2018 Hurricane Season. The name it would be given will be Florence. You can see the entire list of names for the 2018 Hurricane season here.

As of now, the system is no threat to any land mass in North or Central America. Will it become a threat? That's what the coming days will determine as forecasters monitor this developing system over the long holiday weekend. By next Tuesday we should have a much better idea of what kind of storm system we're looking at and where it will go.

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