Tropical Storm Cindy has her own Facebook page, and she means business.

UPDATE: Welp. After a day in action and around 50,000 likes to show for it, the Tropical Storm Cindy Facebook Page is gone. She was inappropriate at times (and way out of line) but she made some of us chuckle.

The Hurricane Katrina page wasted no time pointing out that the page was gone.

UPDATE: It seems as if the Hurricane Katrina's page has come to life to clap back at Cindy. This is almost too much, lol

UPDATE: Updates from the page have been a little NSFW up to this point, but whoever is behind the parody account totally crossed the with a post that mocked the death of a child.

As the Gulf Coast prepares for Tropical Storm Cindy, many people are keeping an eye on the projected path as well as the latest updates from meteorologists and our favorite weather apps.

Of course this is 2017, and everyone has a voice thanks to social media—even inanimate objects like Tropical Storm Cindy.

A Tropical Storm Cindy Facebook Page popped up yesterday and in less than 24 hours has already stacked up over 20,000 likes.

Updates from the page are in the "voice" of Tropical Storm Cindy, and thousands of people are sharing the posts with friends as we all prepare for her arrival.

Not only is Cindy bringing wind and rain, but based on her Facebook page, the tropical storm is bringing a healthy dose of sass.

It also seems like she doesn't appreciate meteorologists talking "smack" about her.

She even held a Q&A on her page, and the questions were hilarious.

Give the page a like, be safe, and enjoy a bit of lighthearted comic relief as we all prepare for Cindy.

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