Bree Steffen, photo Facebook 22309065_1451696811619400_1794212610952479377_n
Bree Steffen, photo Facebook 22309065_1451696811619400_1794212610952479377_n

Last night two members of a news crew in California were just doing their job when they were attacked.

Two people, a reporter and a videographer from News 10 in San Diego, were doing a live shot from the spot were Trump protesters were holding a rally when things turned scary.

The reporter Bree Steffen and photographer Mike Gold are said to be find after the event, with Gold holding their attacker down on the ground until police were able to get to the scene.

Officials with the station say they don't know what motivated the man to attack the news crew, but station officials believe it was not related to the story on the Trump protest.

They station said via Facebook that there was an outpouring of calls, emails and concerns expressed via a multitude of means inquiring about the health of the two workers.

There were demonstrators that were out to protest President Trump's visit to San Diego, and there were also people there to support the President.

Herre is how it looked duing the entire live segment: click here.

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