Two uniformed Assumption Parish deputies stopped for lunch at a Burger King restaurant in St. Francisville earlier this month. Instead of having it their way, they were told via the restaurant drive-thru speaker that the facility was "out of burgers and chicken".

A spokesman for the Sheriff's Office in Assumption Parish penned this letter detailing and describing the incident. That letter to the editor of the Bayou Journal was published last week.


Burger King released a statement regarding the incident last Friday addressing the incident.

We'd like to sincerely apologize to the deputies for the poor experience and are grateful for everything they do to protect our communities.

According to a report on WBRZ TV the Assumption Parish officers weren't the only patrons who were denied service that day. Multiple customers reported they were told the store was out of burgers and chicken as well.

Because of this the employees that were involved in the incident and other similar incidents have been terminated from their position with Burger King.  The owner of the Burger King franchise in question also issued a statement and apology to the two deputies and the other customers who were mistreated by the former employee.


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