There are a lot of people that enjoy taking it with them when they go. I don't mean go as in go to their final reward, I mean "go" as in weekend getaways. I, of course, am referring to the large number of South Louisiana residents who enjoy pulling a camper or driving an RV.  If you're in that number of enthusiasts for the great outdoors we've got some good news for you.

Majestic RV Resorts has purchased property along the Mississippi Gulf Coast for the purpose of building an upscale RV resort and campground. The 22.8 acres of land was acquired for a reported $2.9 million. Developers are hinting that this won't be just another place to park the camper and hook up the water sewer lines. They are promising a lot of luxury and a lot of amenities.

The location of the soon to be built resort will be just east of the Mississippi Gulf Coast Coliseum and just to the west of the former Broadwater Hotel location. Majestic RV Resorts already operates upscale RV resorts in Savannah Georgia and Naples Florida. The new Biloxi location would be the company's second location on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. They already operate a facility located just off Pass Road.

There was no specific timetable given for when the project would be completed but for the sake of all of those campers and RV's that are on the road every weekend, let's hope it's very soon.

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