Who knew a video out of Lake Charles would be where we would find evidence of time travel?

There are endless videos on YouTube reportedly showing time travelers from the future caught on film. However, this video from McNeese University in Lake Charles isn't about time travelers at all, but it's certainly got something going on that seems out of place for the time period it was filmed.

In 1973, Motorolla became the first company to produce the world's first handheld mobile phone. That's not really mind-blowing information obviously, but what if I told you a video exists from 1954, shot in Lake Charles, showing a woman seemingly chatting away on a cell phone?


McNeese Archives Via YouTube


The video from McNeese State University, titled "Lake Charles: The Town That Means Home", is a fun video showing Lake Charles as it was almost 70 years ago.

Check out Downtown Lake Charles, the local businesses, the cars, the clothes...it's all really fantastic.

However, when the music kicks in, for me it, starts to take on a creepy vibe. The song used for this video is called "Danse Macabre".

Maybe that's a tip that something in this video is a bit strange.


McNeese Archives Via YouTube


Time Traveler Talking On A Cell Phone

In this video starting at the 1:41 mark, you'll see people going about their business in a Downtown Lake Charles bank.

Notice the woman who walks from right to left, eventually stopping and turning at the counter.


McNeese Archives Via YouTube


Obviously, there's nothing out of the ordinary about someone walking around talking on a cell phone.


McNeese Archives Via YouTube


It took me five or six times watching this before my brain allowed me to understand that what I might be seeing was something that shouldn't be happening.


McNeese Archives Via YouTube


Seeing someone walking around talking on a cell phone is something we see all day, every day. The weird thing here is, you guessed it, this video is from 1954, filmed almost 20 years before the first mobile phone even existed.

Clearly, it makes absolutely no sense that the lady in the video is actually walking around talking on a cell phone. So, what else could it be?

My first thought was that maybe she's listening to a transistor radio. Taking a radio with you into a bank to listen to your favorite song to come might be a little strange, but given the time period, it's not that strange, and it's certainly not out of a reasonable range of possibility.

Or is it?

When Was The Transistor Radio Invented?

The transistor radio was invented in 1947, and the Regency TR-1 was released in 1954, making it the first commercial transistor radio.

According to wikipedia.com  "Despite mediocre performance, about 150,000 units were sold, due to the novelty of its small size and portability."

In 1957 Sony released "the smaller and cheaper Sony TR-63" transistor radio. This model is given credit for "becoming the most popular electronic communication device of the 1960s and 1970s" according to wikipedia.com.


Creative Commons Via Wikipedia.com


The U.S. population in 1954 was 163 million. As stated above, only 150,000 of the Regency TR-1s were sold after its release in 1954, one year before this video was filmed.

Crunching the numbers, only 0.09% of the U.S. population had a Regency TR-1.

This means there's only a 0.09% chance the lady in this video is listening to the handheld Regency TR-1 transistor radio, the only handheld radio available in 1954.

Certainly not out of the realm of mathematical probabilities, but almost pushing the limits of mathematical possibilities.

Considering the alternative explanation that she's a time traveler talking on a cell phone, that 0.09% starts to look much better right?

Something else I find interesting is her body language and the way she moves. It honestly looks as if she is speaking to someone on a cell phone!

Start watching the video below from 1:41 to 1:51 and let us know what you think is going here.


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