I am a man of simple dreams. I must be honest when I pass away instead of burying me in the cold, cold ground, I'd like to be scattered, covered, and smothered. That is the vernacular of the culinary masters at Waffle House.  In my mind the Waffle House is one of the closest things to "Heaven" we have on Earth.

Waffle Houses not only provide an anytime feast for the weary traveler along America's interstate highway system. They are actually part of the FEMA protocol for hurricane recovery. Tonight, you could have a Waffle House or 4,264 Waffle Houses if you were so inclined.

Tonight's Powerball Jackpot is expected to be $255 million. Based on my research a Waffle House franchise will run you just under $60 thousand. If I am doing my math correctly you could be blessed with enough pecan waffles to cover the distance between Louisiana and the other LA, Los Angeles. However, I am not sure the folks in the other LA will appreciate the joy of endless hot coffee, hash browns, and waitresses that call you "Honey".

If you'd like to play tonight's Powerball game you'll need to secure your ticket by 8:59 PM. the drawing is at 9:59 and by rule all ticket sales must end one hour before the drawing. By the way, if you chose the one-time cash payment option in tonight's Powerball that would get you almost 26 hundred Waffle House franchises. That ain't nothing to sneeze at either unless your sprinkle on to much black pepper.

Good Luck!

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