Every year, Florida and Georgia put on one heck of a show. Even in this year's game, with Florida struggling to put points on the board against Georgia's defense, there have been some exciting moments.

But so far, there has been no moment quite like this one.

Brock Bowers is an unbelievable receiver, but in 99.999 percent of all plays like this, this is a great defensive play as the ball ends up on the ground, dead. But, somehow, Bowers manages to take the deflected pass, bobble it around a few times, manage a complete 180-degree turn to get both hands on it and turn it into a 73-yard touchdown to put the Bulldogs up over Florida 21-0.

You absolutely cannot be mad at the coverage. Amari Burney had Bowers covered and broke up the pass. You just can't anticipate that series of lucky bounces off the hands and even Burney's own helmet somehow landing in a receiver's hands.

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