Summer has arrived early and you need to stay hydrated!

We all know we need to drink lots of water, but there are other ways to stay hydrated. These tips will help you keep your body (up to 60% of which is made of water) hydrated and cool. Also, remember that we start off each day having lost water while we sleep!


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    Fruits And Vegetables

    The Institute of Medicine recommends that we get 20 % of our daily water intake from foods rich in water. You can't beat summer fruits and veggies like watermelon, strawberries, cucumbers, lettuce, and celery for delicious and hydrating foods.

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    Beverages Other Than Water

    How much water we each need to drink each day varies from person to person, but there are other drinks that can help keep us hydrated as well. While avoiding alcohol, try smoothies made with hydrating fruits and vegetables, sports drinks, coconut water, and even coffee! That's right, coffee doesn't dehydrate you, adds to your water intake, and has other health benefits!


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    How Much Water Should You Be Drinking?

    Dr. Stanley Golfarb of The University of Pennsylvania explains that the '8 glasses a day' rule doesn't really apply.

    'In general, you need about 1 mL of water for every calorie you take in, so someone who eats around 2,500 calories per day should have about 2.5 to 3 liters of water per day.'

    Easier than remembering that is to simply follow your thirst and even your hunger, which is sometimes dehydration in disguise.