When a hurricane is approaching, we prepare as best as we can, and then we wait. But what about after the storm?

People who have been through hurricanes that have caused catastrophic damage to their homes and property often wish there were some things they would have thought of before the storm that would make things easier when dealing with the aftermath.

But hindsight is always 20/20, right?

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One Louisiana mother has offered up some information that will hopefully be of no use to anyone—but in the event that this monster of a hurricane does cause damage of any kind to you and yours, here is some very valuable information to know going into it all.

As many of us are making our final preparations and hunkering down to ride out the storm, this Facebook post from Kim Guthrey Trahan is loaded with useful information that may very well come in handy before, during, and (especially) after the storm.

While some of the advice may seem like a no-brainer, one of the best things about Trahan's post going viral, was the outpouring of personal advice that others who have been through rough storms offered up to those making their preparations for the hurricane.


There is also a very familiar encouraging warmth that comes with Trahan's to-the-point advice. While her words are very honest—painting a picture of the reality that comes with the aftermath of a catastrophic storm—she also plays the role of pre-emptive cheerleader, letting you know that it will be rough, but imploring you to have hope and never give up.

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For some, this advice will be a lifesaver (literally). For others, it may be too late for some of the information, but if there is one thing that makes things a bit easier than Trahan's post and my time to share this with you will be worthwhile.


Regardless of where you are with this hurricane right now, if you or anyone you know can benefit from the information, it literally takes two seconds to share. There is someone who may be scared or lost right now that would see this advice as a Godsend—if it's just for the encouragement to not give up.

Be safe. Stay informed. Look out for your family and loved ones and may you have the best of luck as we all hope for this storm to have mercy on our state and Gulf Coast region.

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